Website Maintenance and Management Services

Slick Web Services are very well known for their fantastically innovative web designs. We do not only create the website for you and then just throw you into the deep end like so many companies do, we also help you run and maintain them! We have added Social Media Management to our list of Website Management Services.

Our Website Management Services include knowing your website's montly placement on search engines. We also monitor hits and potential markets. We constantly make sure that our clients take each website building step with us. Our Website Design and Development Company believes in open and honest communication from the start. There are many factors that come into play when Creating a Website. We build quality backlink structures to gain your website better listings which will increase visits to your website, ultimately increasing company sales and turnover.

Website SEO & Rank Management and Maintenance Serivces

We can effectively manage your SEO (search engine optimization), which means that we can alter and effect the way your website gets recognised by well-known and established search engines in its natural state. Many people don’t always understand that a website doesn’t maintain itself, this too takes time and effort to constantly keep your website up to date, adding new products, fixing old ones up etc, that is why we are here to help you do all of those things so that you can keep your focus on running your business.

This service works on a day to day basis. We continuously add new features, upgrade older ones and incorporate all of the social media options to ensure that your company’s name gets the recognition it deserves. Something else many businesses tend to forget about starting up their own website is that when customers order products, what is the process that follows? Where do the orders go? How do they get processed? How do I get the products to these customers? It’s a very lengthy and time consuming process, which is exactly why we offer to do it all for you!

We handle everything from sales, calls and orders to getting the product to the customer. We have full access to the ins and outs of your websites where everything is designed and maintained, so you can have comfort knowing your website is in the hands of the experts!